Aluline A/S • Stengårdsvej 22 • DK-4340 Tølløse • Tel. +45 5918 6600
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ALULINE satisfies expectations to the max
At ALULINE we define good quality as delivering the specified product with the specified precision in the specified quantity on the specified date.

Our quality assurance is based on clearly defined procedures and instructions.
We have the option of setting the precise level specified by the customer, right up to using PPAP, FMEA and SPC as the basis for zero-defect production with a certainty of just a few dpm (defects per million).

The parts are accompanied by the specified documentation for process control, which is performed both manually and on fully automatic Zeiss 3D measuring machines.

Quality requirements are set individually at the start of collaboration on the basis of what the components are to be used for, with it always being possible to modify the requirements as needs change.

Our quality system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. We satisfy TS 16949 requirements and are also audited by a number of leading customers, including suppliers to the automotive industry.
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